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What I Do
I will meet all of your tax and accounting needs.
I have 10 years of experience providing tax and accounting needs to residents of the Wabash Valley.  I am a full service tax and accounting firm. I provide tax preparation & planning, accounting & payroll services, and IRS and State representation for both individuals & small businesses.  I understand my clients' needs and will deliver personal attention while catering to each client's specific needs.
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My Services
I can help you with
  1. Payroll & Bookkeeping
    Full-Service Payroll and Bookkeeping at a competitive and reasonable cost. I can offer basic bookkeeping to full-service bookkeeping; including paying bills, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and unaudited financial statements.

​Startup Advice

​IRS Representation

Opening a business? I can help with setup to tax planning.  I can also help with your bookkeeping and payroll needs.
Have you recieved an IRS or State Department of Revenue letter?  I can help.  I can setup payment plans, settle tax debts, and assist with tax audits.  I can relieve your stress and help with your IRS and State tax issues. 
Tax Preparation and Planning
I provide individual and small business tax preparation, including partnerships and corporations.  I will find all the legal deductions and credits to reduce your tax obiligations. I can assist with proactive tax planning to ensure you find all the deductions and credits for the future. 

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